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Lunch Lunch Dinner Picnic

Traditional Breakfast And Hungarian Life
Are you curious to see the traditional Hungarian breakfast? If you start your day here, you can taste the farmer’s plate with local specialities, the coated bread or the sheep cheese mixtire.

Home Cooking - Together

For Hungarians lunch is the main meal. Certain dishes are produced in front of you and this way you get the opportunity to join the cooking process. Would you like to try? Come and enjoy a nice big lunch.

Hungarian Dinner In Our Home
Would you like to have dinner with three courses in a Hungarian home? In addition to delicious meals you can also taste Hungarian pálinka and learn about customs related to the food you eat.
Special Culinary Program In Budapest
Have you ever thought about having a picnic in another country? It is great fun! And Budapest is absolutely suitable for this. Would you like to join us?

PRICE: 25€/person

PRICE: 35€/person

PRICE: 50€/person

PRICE: 30€/person
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Jewish specialties What we offer
Jewish specialties What we offer
Not Restaurant - It is Jewish Home Cooking Program
Are you interested in Jewish cuisine? Would you like to try our Jewish lunch or dinner prepared on the basis of the great-grandmother's recipe? Be our guest!

PRICE: 60€/person
  • Hungarian dishes in a Hungarian home,
  • Hungarian wines and pálinka (fruit brandy),
  • as part of the chosen programme you can taste the famous Hungarian paprika, pickles, poppyseed cakes etc.
  • friendly conversations to get an insight into our culture and to learn about our customs.
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