It is a special culinary program in my Hungarian home. While you are in Budapest, come and taste traditional Hungarian or Jewish meals in my home and meet my family. Learn about the origin of Hungarian or Jewish dishes and drinks as well as their preparation and have a look at how we live.
During my private cooking course we can make a multi-course menu together.
Learn about our food, culture and customs that determine our everyday life.

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Private Dining Cooking Class
Jewish specialties What we offer
Do you like eating? Are you interested in Hungarian or Jewish cuisine? If your answer is yes, we would like to welcome you to our home for a real local lunch or dinner. Come and join my family for a few hours.
You can taste our food and learn about our customs.
I love cooking and eating great food. It is fantastic when my kitchen is full of life: somebody is chopping onions, someone else is preparing the meat or is kneading dough. This is how we cook together in my kitchen. This is the atmosphere you can enjoy at my Hungarian and Jewish cooking courses.
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Great experience Okt 14, 2014 | Theresia from Sweden
Wonderful homecooked Jewish dinner Okt 14, 2014 | Hui Xin from Massachusetts